Three Women You Need To Know

Faith walks into the room, she is fearless, she knows that God has her tomorrow in His hands and she knows he will take care of her in every situation. Faith doesn’t ask questions she just trusts that everything is going to be ok. She has confidence in herself and she never doubts her abilities because she knows they were given to her for a reason. Her eyes radiate the fearlessness she has, when you look into them you can’t help but smile.

Hope comes in after her and exudes kindness, she sees the world in a different light and knows that there is still good in it. She never gives up on anyone she always finds the good in people and knows that they still have a future no matter what they have done in the past. She has a laugh that would light up the darkest room and she makes everyone feel as though they’re part of her family.

The last women to walk in is love, she comes in and shines like a star in the great unknown. There is no doubt that she is someone who will complete your life she will take care of you. She would climb a mountain or swim the deepest sea if it meant helping someone else. She is patient, kind, and she never keeps a record of the wrongs you have done. She always tells the truth especially when she knows you need to hear it. She is the one who will be there through thick and thin and never leave your side in the tough times. Her personality is a light to those around her, she always is joyous and always has compassion for others.

Do you walk without fear of the future? Do you have confidence in others? Are you patient, kind, and forgiving? Faith, Hope, and Love is all you need in life to make the best out of every situation. These qualities give you faith in God, hope in the future, and love that overpowers all hate. In today’s society, we need to have faith in ourselves and in our God-given abilities. Without faith we would live in fear; fear of the future, fear of the world, and fear of ourselves. We also have to have hope, without hope our lives would be empty and we would have nothing to look forward to. We hope for things to happen to us in the future, such as we hope we get that new job or car. Hope is much more than that though, it’s having confidence that God will take care of our future and that no matter what He will protect us. The last and most important of them all is we have to have love. We have to show love in everything we do, it’s not just three simple words ‘I love you’. Love takes action and commitment. Love is the greatest of every quality you could have, without love for others and yourself life is useless. Without love, this world would be succumbed by hate. What would your life look like with more faith, hope, and love in it?

sunset hands love woman

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