Living, Learning, and Moving On

I walk in from work every day, covered with dirt and drenched in sweat. I work on a ranch and on a daily basis, I’m hauling hay, moving cattle, or fixing fences. I come home sometimes with bruises all over my legs or cuts in my hands. All of the dirt I get on my clothes, bruises I have on my legs, and cuts I get in my hands have a story behind them. Every story has taught me more about life and how we all have our own life lessons we have to learn and adventures we get to go through; we all get covered in the dirt sometimes, bruised, and cut.

Every cut I have gotten has taught me that life isn’t always beautiful. Sometimes you have to get cut in order to teach you a lesson. A cut usually doesn’t go away in a day; it sometimes takes weeks to heal. In life when we make mistakes, people hurt us, or we hurt others those wounds take time to heal, like a cut. With every cut brings a new story and a new scare to remind us of what we’ve been through. Our lives are filled with cuts that have made us, into who we are, and scares that tell others what we’ve been through.

Every bruise has shown me that pain is only temporary. Bruises are only there for a short amount of time but during that time they’re very painful. In life, we may get bruised every day, but what we have to understand is that the pain is only temporary and that tomorrow it may no longer be there. All of the little bruises that we’ve gotten in life mold our hearts and minds, how we feel and how we think. They aren’t always seen on the outside by others, but we know that they are there and each one creates a story that we keep deep in our hearts.

Every piece of my clothing that has been drenched in sweat and covered in dirt has shown me that to be able to achieve your goals in life you have to work hard and not be afraid of getting dirty along the way. My clothes remind me of all the time and effort that has been put into getting to where I want to be in life. We all have items in our lives that remind us of how hard we’ve worked, how much effort we’ve put into something, or how much time we’ve sacrificed to get to the point that we wanted to be. All of these items, whether it be a certificate or some dirty clothes, aren’t just a reminder to us, but a showcase for others to see what we have done and how hard we’ve worked. These items can also remind us of the heartaches we’ve had to go through to achieve success, the jobs we had to do, or the time we’ve taken away from our loved ones. All of these items have a story attached to them, a story that contributes to the life we’ve lived.

When I get home from work the first thing I do is take a shower and get cleaned up. I wash off all of the dirt and sweat that I have accumulated throughout the day. When I’m done I look like a completely different person. My cuts get cleaned up and doctored, my bruises slowly fade away, and my clothes get washed. This doesn’t mean that the stories or life lessons have been washed away; it just means I’m moving forward. We all get covered in dirt sometimes, bruised, and cut; but do we all clean up and doctor our wounds? I wouldn’t willingly come home, stay in my dirty clothes, and allow my wounds to get infected.

Why would we do that in life? Because we like to stay where we are, we get complacent, and we don’t want to clean up and move on. We would rather have those cuts and bruises get worse rather than better because sometimes we don’t know how to let go of things and move forward. Is there something in your life that you’re holding on to today? A bruise or a cut that you don’t want to doctor? Someone you don’t want to forgive, or a situation you don’t want to face? Take that step forward, yesterday is gone and today is a new day. The achievements, heartaches, stories, and life lessons will always stay with you, but there in the past, today is the present, and tomorrow is the future. The life we live is like a book that hasn’t been completed yet. It is filled with stories of the life we’ve lived from the good times to the bad, but the book isn’t finished yet; so don’t stay trapped on the same page every day, turn that page and keep on writing!


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