Get Ready, Get Set, Slow Down

Life is not a storybook that we can write. We can’t control everything that happens, we can’t write down how we want our lives to play out. We don’t have the power to arrange our lives in a specific way that fits our agenda. There is no magic pen that allows us to write our own story and there is no special piece of paper that can make what we write to become a reality. We can dream about how we want our lives to go; we can even plan it out, but there is no possible way to know that our dreams and plans will work out exactly as we want them to. There is a special pen and paper out there though; it’s in God’s hands. He knows exactly how our lives are going to plan out. He knows the choices that we’re going to make, the words we’re going to say, and the paths that we’re going to take along the way. Life doesn’t always plan out how we want it to, sometimes God has a different plan; a better plan. As humans though we sometimes believe that our plans are better or more important than the plans God has for us. We think that God is unfair and unjust when we are dealt a bad hand in life, but in all reality, His plans are always far greater than any of the plans we try and make for ourselves. Everything that happens in life is done for our own good, but a majority of the time we don’t realize this and end up unhappy and unsatisfied with the situations God puts us in. God sometimes allows us to be put in tough circumstances, or to have certain things taken away from us so that we will be forced to slow down and come face to face with who we really are.

In this world it’s easy to become ungrateful and self-righteous, we don’t always realize we are acting this way, but God always knows our hearts and our motives. He also knows how to discipline us and get us to where we need to be. When God allows events to take place in our lives that forces us to slow down it becomes a time for us to evaluate who we are, what we’ve been through, and what we’re going through at that moment. In life, we seem to unintentionally create a ninety mile an hour pace for ourselves, but when we do that we begin to forget who we are and who we were long ago. We begin to forget our story and how we got to where we are. When we begin to slow down we have time to look at ourselves, our past, and our futures. In some circumstances, we don’t like who we see in the mirror or who we see in our old pictures. There are some people who are grateful for how far God has brought them and how hard they have worked to become better than they once were. But there are some people who hate who they see in the mirror. They see a runner, a hypocrite, a backslider, an empty version of who they once were. They begin to see the person who really lives inside of them, not the mask that they put on each and every day. They may never have noticed who they’ve become on the inside if they weren’t forced to investigate their hearts, minds, and souls because of events God has allowed to happen in their lives. He always knows what’s best for us, even when we don’t like it. We seem to not enjoy facing ourselves, we don’t like to take the time to face up to who we have become.

Though, if we have a relationship with God, He will never leave us feeling as though there is no hope in our lives. He will follow through with His plans and show us the bright light at the end of a dark tunnel just at the right time. We have to be willing to allow Him to work in our lives so that His plan for us can unfold just as He wants it to and so that we can become the person that He wants us to be. We can run from ourselves as long as we want, but if we want a true relationship with God it’s going to have to start with us coming face to face with who we truly are. When we do end up having to slow down, self-evaluations becomes a key part of getting back to who you want to be and who God has planned for you to be. People may believe that slowing down is a terrible thing to do, but in all reality, it is a time for them to look at, not only how they want to write their story, but how God wants to write their story. It’s a time to look at how far they’ve come, or how far they need to go before reaching their goals. God always has had a plan for your life and when you decide to freely give it up to Him He will change it completely and make a masterpiece out of your story. He will guide you and He will add to your story each and every day. He may have to slow you down first and allow you to see who you truly are and who He wants you to be, but in the end, it’s all for your own good and you will be better off when it’s all said and done. So we may not get to write our own stories but the man upstairs always has our best interest in mind and will always do the best for us. He will make us into exactly who He wants us to be. The stories God will write will end up being beautiful masterpieces.

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