Debts of Hell

The darkness of my mind consumes my heart, my soul, my daily life.

I hate these feelings.

These feelings of needs.

These feelings of wants.

These feelings of despair.

These feelings of emptiness.

This need for love.

This need for being needed.

These holes that have been shot through my heart.

They never healed.

They never went away.

They stayed.

They lingered.

They weakened my entire existence.

Loneliness, depression, hate, fear consumed my every breath, my every thought, my every step.

Take it from me!

Destroy it in me!

Kill it take its life!

And leave me alone!

God please take these feeling, take the needs, and find them a new home in the debts of Hell where they belong.

red and orange fire

Photo by Adonyi Gábor on

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