Lost In Love

What happens when love has fallen?

When the winter winds pick up.

Taking that feeling along the breeze.

Far far away from where it once lay.

And the only thing left is the frigid air sweeping across your arm.

Consuming the spaces where love once dwelled.

What happens when love is lost?

Do you go and search for what once was?

Or leave it alone for the next soul to find its way to where yours should’ve been the whole time.

Do you follow another path?

Or dedicate your life to finding the path you once followed

Do you let the love die?

Or fight to the death to bring it back to life.

What happens when love ceases to exist? 

When the breath you once took has been stolen from your lungs.

When the puzzle God once put together is now scattered all across the table.

When the better half of your life here on earth is no longer by your side.

What do you do Love?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

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