To God Be The Glory

I was blind.
Yet now I can see.
I was deaf.
But now I can hear.
I was lame.
And now I can walk.
I was blinded by the world around me.
Not being able to see the sins consuming my own life.
Not being able to see the harm I was causing myself and the people around me.
A voice came to me and told me I was loved, yet I could not see who was saying these words.
They took this dirt between their fingertips, spit in it, and rubbed it on my eyelids.
As I went to wash it off; my eyes were opened to the world around me.
I saw that this man, I had never met, who had given me back my sight.
He told me His name and I couldn’t believe it.
I broke down at His feet and praised Him.
Because of Him, I am set free.
I can see.
I can change.
I can go into the world and proclaim His holy name.
Now I must turn away from the sin that’s sitting directly in front of me staring me dead in the eye.
We were all once blind.
But if we’ve been told the truth we now can see.
We can see the sins and the destruction around us.
The lost and the broken.
Our eyes aren’t just opened physically, but also spiritually.
We can see the demons surrounding us.
The angels protecting us.
We can look in the mirror and see that sinner staring back at us.
Saved only by His amazing grace.
We were blind.
Yet He gave us sight!
I was deaf to the gospel, I was deaf to Your words.
I didn’t want to listen.
I didn’t want to read.
All I wanted to do was live my life.
Yet I couldn’t because my ears were damaged.
I wanted to hear the beautiful sounds of music.
The sound of birds chirping.
The sound of the rooster crowing in the morning.
Yet, I couldn’t because I wouldn’t allow You in.
When I finally did, I could hear.
Not only noise but Your amazing voice in my heart.
That’s when it all clicked.
When You spoke to my heart.
You called me Yours.
And I knew it was true.
You opened, not only my ears but my soul.
I will never forget that day.
We were all once deaf.
Not wanting to listen to that preacher, our parents, and even our friends.
We were stubborn and unwilling.
Until we finally opened up and let God whisper in our ear.
Instead of the enemy.
That was the day we were set free.
I was lame; all alone in this world.
Nowhere to go.
No one to see.
I sat on that road for years.
Nobody cared.
I thought I might as well end it all.
Until that day.
That day You swept into our town.
I knew I was saved.
I knew You could heal.
But how was I supposed to get to You?
I wasn’t good enough to be in Your presence.
I wasn’t good enough to ever ask a favor of You.
Oh but You already knew me.
You had created me for just a moment as this.
Your glory was revealed that day.
When You passed by and I was healed.
Everyone around, including me, believed in You then.
I could walk.
I trusted in Your power and Your glory.
I can live.
We were all once lame.
We were all once in need of a miracle.
And the Lord provided.
Don’t ever forget, what He does for one He can do for another.
He is the King of Glory.
Forever and always.
We were once blind, deaf, and lame.
But through the grace of our amazing Savior we can now see, hear, and walk!
To God be the glory!
Do you believe He can?

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